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Baked Sweet Potatoes Limited PLR

Baked Sweet Potatoes Limited PLR

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This limited PLR recipe is sold to 9 bloggers only.

You can choose between 3 different colored linens. Red, black, or blue. Click the red, black, or blue buttons above to alternate between the different sets. Each of the sets will be sold only 3 times each.

Unlike the usual limited PLR where 10, 25, or more bloggers share all the same exact pictures/same exact set, we photograph it 3 times with different linens and move things around so you are sharing the heroes with less bloggers.

Ingredients: sweet potatoes, avocado oil, kosher salt (additional toppings: butter, sour cream, chives)

What is included in a recipe package?

  • Each package comes with a kitchen-tested recipe and written instructions.
  • It will also come with one ingredient shot and process shots of the required steps all shot in portrait orientation.
  • Every package will include at least 20 hero shots at various angles with a mixture in portrait and landscape format.
  • Image files are usually sent full size and high-resolution, unless it has been cropped. If you would like optimized lower-resolution photos for your blog exported at 1200px wide, please ask at the time of purchase.

This limited PLR content shares a written recipe, ingredients photo, and the step-by-step photos with a max of 9 blogs. However, the hero photos for this set are shared only with a max of 3 blogs! To further stand out from the competition and remaining sets, the recipe, ingredients, and process should still be rewritten and edited to fit your blog and voice.

Each purchase is for use on one blog only.

To learn more about limited PLR, please read the FAQs.

* Due to the digital nature and immediate access of the content being sold, refunds cannot be issued. All sales are final! Please ask questions prior to purchasing.

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