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All just for you

Exclusive Content

Exclusive recipes are made for one blog only and will never be sold to anyone else. Rest assured, the written recipe, ingredient, process, and hero images are all curated just for you. You can copy and paste the professionally written recipe directly into your blog post!

As a food blogger, you know how important eye-catching, high-quality photos are for making your recipes pop online.

You'll have full ownership and rights to photos no other blogger will have access to. This makes your content stand out above the rest.

With complete exclusivity, you can establish a strong visual brand for your blog that builds authority and recognition. The images become signature to your style.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to get eye-catching food photos that will have your readers drooling!

Shared process with unique heroes

Semi-Exclusive Content

Semi-exclusive content shares a written recipe, ingredients photo, and the step-by-step photos with a max of five blogs. However, each blog still gets their own unique set of heroes different from the rest!

It is more affordable than true exclusives allowing you to elevate your content quality while still working within your budget. In this way, you can invest in other areas of your business, like hiring help or even purchasing another limited-edition semi-exclusive recipe set.

Having the unique hero photos from your set allows you to uniquely brand and identify those images as belonging solely to your food blog.

To further stand out from the competition and remaining sets, the recipe, ingredients, and process should still be rewritten and edited to fit your blog and voice.

Entire package is shared

Limited PLR Content

PLR stands for 'Private Label Rights'. It is usually sold to an unlimited amount of buyers at a really low price. We sell what is called limited PLR which is sold only to a limited amount of ten buyers.

Limited PLR or any PLR content should never be posted onto your blog as is. It is meant for you to make adjustments and tweak to fit your style and voice. Make it your own as much as you can as the entire package is shared with the others who have purchased it.

The lower price point of limited PLR allows you to enhance your food photography and content style without stretching your budget too thin. With limited PLR, you still get professionally shot photos at an accessible investment that makes sense for taking your content to the next level.

Just keep in mind, it does require some additional work on your part to really make it special and stand out from the rest.