What is included in a recipe package?

  • Each package comes with a kitchen-tested recipe and written instructions.
  • It will also come with one ingredient shot and process shots of the required steps all shot in portrait orientation.
  • Every package will include at least 15 hero shots at various angles with a mixture in portrait and landscape format.
  • Image files are usually sent full size and high-resolution, unless it has been cropped. If you would like optimized lower-resolution photos for your blog exported at 1200px wide, please ask at the time of purchase.

What are the differences between Exclusive, Semi-exclusive, and Limited PLR content?

Exclusive content is made for one blog only and will never be sold to anyone else. The written recipe, ingredient, process, and hero images are all curated for use on one blog. You'll have full ownership and rights to photos no other blogger will have access to. You can copy and paste the professionally written recipe directly into your blog post!

Semi-exclusive content shares a written recipe, ingredients photo, and the step-by-step photos with a max of five blogs. However, each blog still gets their own unique set of heroes different from the rest! To further stand out from the competition and remaining sets, the recipe, ingredients, and process should still be rewritten and edited to fit your blog and voice.

PLR stands for 'Private Label Rights'. It is content usually sold to an unlimited amount of buyers at a really low price. We sell what is called limited PLR which is sold only to a limited amount of ten buyers. Limited PLR or any PLR content should never be posted onto your blog as is. It is meant for you to make adjustments and tweak to fit your style and voice. Make it your own as much as you can as the entire package is shared with the others who have purchased it. You can do this by adding text overlays to the ingredient shot or process shots, editing the photos, cropping the photos, and making collages. Always rewrite the shared recipe document in your own words before adding it to your blog.

You are given the rights to use the content you purchased, edit it, and publish it. However, you are not given the rights to resell the PLR you purchased or share it with other bloggers for their use on their blogs, social media, cookbooks, email list subscribers, etc. The resell rights remain exclusively with the photographers here at Cravings Photography. The usage rights for each recipe are only for the limited buyers who have purchased that recipe from this shop, and are to be used for only one blog per purchase.

Are the recipes purchased original?

Our team develops, tests, and photographs every recipe before putting it up in the shop. Though many recipes on the internet may contain a common list of ingredients and hold similarities in the written process, tips, and any other notes, you can rest assured that we do our best to make each recipe as unique as possible while maintaining what the recipe is and what users and search engines are looking for.

Keep in mind that when purchasing a package other than exclusive content, you will be sharing the written recipe document with other bloggers. So for semi-exclusives and PLR, it is highly advised to rewrite the written content you receive in your own words to fit your own blog style and voice.

Who retains copyrights?

For exclusive packages, the buyer receives the copyrights (although we retain the right to use 1-3 photos for our portfolio, social media, and/or marketing purposes). The copyrights are included in the price. It is the only package that receives copyrights to both the recipe and photos.

For semi-exclusive packages, the only copyrights transferred to the buyer are of the hero images unique to your purchased set. The recipe, ingredient shot, and process shots are all shared with other bloggers and their purchased sets. You do not own the full copyrights to that, just the unique hero images to your set. That is just how it works with buying semi-exclusive content and we cannot change that.

For PLR or Limited PLR content, being that the full package in its entirety is shared with ten or more bloggers, the copyrights to the recipe and photos cannot be transferred. The content remains shared and is also a part of why the price is so low. If that is something important to you, consider purchasing a semi-exclusive or fully exclusive package instead.

We try to be as upfront as possible and thoroughly explain what you are purchasing. Information on the different types of packages are included on the homepage, on the individual listings themselves, the FAQs, and terms & conditions. Please ask questions before purchasing.

With any exclusive, semi-exclusive, or limited PLR content purchased in this shop, we retain the right as the photographers to use 1-3 photos of any given recipe for our portfolio, social media, and/or marketing purposes.

When do you post new recipes for sale?

We post new limited PLR recipes once a week on Mondays from 10am-12pm MST (Mountain Time).

We post new exclusive and semi-exclusive recipes once a week on Thursdays from 10am-12pm MST (Mountain Time).

Be sure to join the Cravings email list to receive exclusive updates and get a sneak peek of new recipes one hour before they go live in the shop.

To keep things fair between our buyers, it is first come first serve once the recipes are live in the shop. The new listings are scheduled out in advance from our shop settings and automatically posted.

Do you work with bloggers individually?

Yes, there are times that we do! However, our availability is extremely limited as our main focus is providing content to fill the shop every week. Feel free to use the contact form to check our availability.

Do you take recipe requests?

We take requests on a case by case basis depending on the recipe and our availability.

If you have a request for a recipe you would like to see, please send your requests using the contact form and we'll see if it's something we can whip up for you.

How do I receive my purchase?

After you have completed your purchase, you will be given a download link. You may see it on the shop page after purchase or it will be emailed to the email address you have on file. Simply download the contents to your computer.

How long do I have to download the files?

Please download your files within 30 days after your purchase. After that time, the download link will no longer work. Files will be deleted after the 30 day period to make room for new recipes. Please, please, please download them as soon as possible! 30 days is more than enough time.

Are recipes refundable?

Due to the digital nature and immediate access of the content being sold, refunds cannot be issued. All sales are final! Once the files are sent, we absolutely cannot take it back and resell it to another buyer. There is no way for us to guarantee to the next buyer that that content has not been shared and/or sold. However, if there is a problem with the photos you have received or the written recipe, please send us a message. We will do our best to work with you and fix any issues.